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Our High Technology Laboratory Opening

Our laboratory has automated high technology bio chemistry and hematology analyzers which is always given the most accurate result. And all lab tests are with in affordable cost.
It is privilege to give honour and thank whole-heartedly to the Senior Professor Vasanthy Arasaratnam (Senior Professor of Biochemistry; Member of University Grants Comession; Former Vice Chancellor, University of Jaffna; Former Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Former Head, Department of Biochemistry) who opened our high technology laboratory on 7th of March in 2020.

We are very grateful to you because you presented yourself even if in your busy schedule. You are not only have above mentioned educational qualifications but also symbol of humanity (compassion, kindness, charity, and specially helpfulness). We proud to say that you are a gift and the most valuable person for Jaffna peninsula.

And we thank a lot to our consultant of chemical pathology, teaching hospital, Jaffna Dr. Mrs. Vaithevi for valuable advises and to encourage us to establish our laboratory. Thank you all who support us for our medical care journey.